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Going out to dinner is usually a fun activity. If it is a first date, you cobble together the money so you can impress. If it is a business meeting you hope to impress as well. And chances are you will only eat out a handful of times when you vacation so you want it to be memorable. We can help. We hand picked a few restaurants that we are sure you will enjoy. Our Guide to Restaurants gives you the short list and information about each restaurant. We tried to put a variety of restaurants on the list, including Fine Dining Restaurants, Italian Restaurants, Steakhouses, French Restaurants, Seafood and more. We give you a brief write up of each restaurant and links to the web site to get more information about the menu and details about hours and reservations. We kept the design clean for easy navigation and a quick load. Unlike other restaurant reviews and guides we keep the list short and sweet. We found that it is less confusing and people can make better choices if they are not overloaded with choices. We have seen some guides that list the top 100 restaurants. It takes a lot of patience to go through that many, and if you are on vacation you don't want to sit in a hotel room for a couple hours looking at sites. Let us know what you think.

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